our facility

Located in Newberry, Florida, Bouncin’ Big is just 6 miles west of the Jonesville Publix. We have over 8,000 square feet of space in our facility to accomodate an assortment of playtime environments. We provide a clean and safe place for kids of all ages to *play.In addition, we also offer nominal vending of healthy snacks and beverages for customers. The facility is designed to entertain, exercise and stimulate children while reinforcing good social skills in a group-play environment. Bouncin’ Big features a wide variety of soft inflatable play structures for both kids and adults. All of our equipment has been tested for safety. *All participants must wear socks.


824 NW 250th Terrace • Newberry, FL • (352) 339-3500




WEDNESDAY 12:30-5PM • Admission $7

FRIDAY 3:30-9PM • Admission $8

SATURDAY 11AM-4PM • Admission $10

SUNDAY 12-5PM • Admission $10